New Year, Same Me: My 2018 Goals

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In order to get things done, you need to have a plan.  I don’t look at these as resolutions, but more as a blueprint of tasks I need to do to get what I want.  Most of these are fitness and wellness related, but I’m also sharing my professional and financial goals as well.


  • Work out 4 times a week. I’m currently working out 2-3 times a week, but I want to up that and be more consistent this year so I can build more strength.  A Whole30/sober January will help me get on the right track.
  • Do cardio once a week.  I haven’t really done any cardio in the past year and a half, due to issues with my foot.  I want to built in one cardio workout a week, which would be included in the 4 times a week I’m working out (above).
  • Stretch every day, even for 30 seconds.  I need to stretch, especially my hamstrings and calves.  Studies have shown that a 30 second static hold once a day can increase muscle length.  My issue in the past has been that I didn’t want to dedicate the 15 minutes to do my full stretching routine.  30 seconds a day, however, it completely doable.
  • Post on Instagram once a week.  This is to help me stay one track with my fitness.  I feel I have more accountability when I post on my fitstagram.

Personal & Wellness

  • Floss daily.  I went to the dentist in December, and have my first cavities.  The dentist said they could have been prevented if I flossed.  If you don’t floss, you should make this a 2018 goal as well.
  • Complete Whole30 in January.  I think you’re all aware of this.


  • Take two Salesforce Trailhead per month.  Salesforce is a CRM system that I work with.  Trailheads are free, hands-on training that Salesforce offers.  I need to work time into my schedule to take advantage of these.
  • Pass Salesforce Administrator certification.  While I don’t want to become an administrator, I want to be more knowledgeable in how Salesforce works so I can improve in my role.
  • Sign up for Sales Cloud Consultant certification.  After the Salesforce Administrator certification, the one that makes the most sense for me is the consultant certification.  I’d like to take this while I have the admin certification and Trailheads fresh in my mind.


  • Save 25% of my income each month.  There are a lot of things I want to upgrade in my house, and a lot of dumb things I spend my money on.  I want to stop spending my money on things I don’t need, and start saving more than I currently am.


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