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Join other ladies using the Sweat app and Peloton! Many of us use Peloton and the Sweat app. If you’re going BBG and Peloton, PWR and Peloton, FIERCE and Peloton, BUILD and Peloton, Lifting at Home and Peloton, or BAM and Peloton, join the pack!

Join the #SweatCommunity tag on Peloton to find other women using the Sweat app and using Peloton.

#SweatCommunity Pack Ride

We are doing our first #SweatCommunity Peloton pack ride on September 12, 2020. Get details and sign up for the ride and let the high fives fly!

We’ll be doing different pack exercises, so stay tuned!


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New to the Peloton bike? Check out tips and suggested rides.


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