Add Luxury to Your Workout with These Exercise Equipment Finds Under $1,000

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In recent years, luxury fitness equipment has exploded from bespoke makers to high-end fashion houses getting in the game. In every case, the focus is on sleek and stylish over the utilitarianism that has dominated gyms for so long.

Get ready for lots of unique lines, high quality wood, and gorgeous leather!

Explore luxury workout gear at different price points:

Prices as of 11/26/2022. I review products independently, but I may earn affiliate commissions from buying through links on this page.

Saint Laurent Wilson Star Tennis Racket

YSL Saint Laurent x Wilson Star Tennis Racket - luxury fitness equipment

Some fashion houses, like Saint Laurent, have gotten into the luxury fitness equipment business through partnerships with well known and established brands. Saint Laurent partnered with Wilson to make their Star Tennis Racket, a balck tennis racket featuring the recognizable Saint Laurent star in white.

[Saint Laurent, $770]

NOHrD Swing Bell Set & Tower

NOHrD Swing Bell Set & Tower - luxury workout equipment

My favorite thing about the bespoke fitness equipment companies is seeing how they reimagine the shapes of common exercise equipment. NOHrD has created these leather swingbags with a wooden handle that is a play of kettlebells. You have the option of Ash, Cherry, Walnut, or club-style wood with complementary leather. This set and tower is arguably the best deal on the list, with 50kg of weights total.

[Recovery for Athletes, $700]

Hermès Jump Rope

Hermès Jump Rope - luxury fitness accessories

I tried to only list items that were currently in stock, but I couldn’t leave out this Hermès jump rope. It’s very simple, but there’s something about it that I just love. It’s like you can see through the photos just how supple the leather is. Prices range on the secondary market, and prices are ranging from $350-690 as of the time of this post.

[1st Dibs, prices vary]

PENT COLMIA Dumbbell Set

PENT COLMIA Dumbbell Set -  - luxury home gym equipment

These beautiful wood and stainless steel dumbbells add an air of sophistication to any gym. What I appreciate about the pricing on this is that all weights—whether they’re 2kg or 20kg—are the same price. It tells you that you are paying for the design more than the materials. You have the option for black ash, natural American walnut, or stained walnut wood for your dumbbells

[PENT, $610 for a set]

Kenko Ab Roller

Kenko Ab Roller - luxury fitness equipment

This ab roller design is unique. It will be one of the more difficult ab wheel rollers that you can use, since the handles are at the bottom of the wheel instead of the middle. The design is unlike any others I have seen for sale. It is unique and beautiful in its minimalism

[Kenko, $470]

Versace Yoga Mat

Versace Yoga Mat - luxury exercise equipment

Using the recognizable I ♡ Baroque design, this yoga mat screams luxury to anyone who sees it. Taking something simple and low cost like a yoga mat and adding the Versace touch is the definition of conspicuous consumption—and more power to those who love it.

[Versace, $450]

Fysik Medicine Ball (10 lb)

Fysik Medicine Ball

It’s the white leather for me. Usually, medicine balls are made of rubber because they need to be durable as they come in contact with sweat, the ground, fingernails, and everything else in the gym. Having a medicine ball in a) white b) leather says that you are always refreshing your gym looks to keep them fresh. There’s something so luxurious about having something so spotless.

[Ssense, $305]

HOCK ROPA Resistance Bands

HOCK ROPA resistance bands

These remind me of both stirrups and the original resistance bands in their design. The wood adds some sophistication to what’s normally some cheaper plastic, and similar to the white leather medicine ball, the pale color of the resistance band says “i don’t care if scuffs show because I’ll just replace it.”

[HOCK, $295]


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