Add Luxury to Your Workout with These Exercise Equipment Finds Under $250

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Luxury can be found in our every day routines, and some companies are looking to make your fitness routine more luxurious. From high-fashion houses to bespoke gym equipment makers, you can find beautiful pieces to elevate your home gym space.

Earlier I discussed luxury workout gear under $1,000. Today, I’m setting the limit at $250!

Explore luxury workout gear at different price points:

Prices as of 11/28/2022. I review products independently, but I may earn affiliate commissions from buying through links on this page.

Versace Basketball

Versace calls this basketball “a slam dunk” with its Barocco print. It’s a fun basketball print that kind of looks like a comet shooting through the air.

[Versace, $250]

Lo & Sons OG 2

This bag is an upper middle class staple, and honestly one of the best designs for a gym bag I have seen. With a separate compartment for your shoes (and your dirty workout clothes), you can make sure you don’t get the inside of your bag dirty. Check out the demo videos of the bag—they are so soothing.

[Lo & Sons, $189]

Transience Yoga Bag

If you prefer yoga, the Transience yoga bag is able to comfortably fit your yoga map so you don’t have to battle with those yoga straps. You can tuck your yoga mat into the bag for a sleek and chic look.

[Neiman Marcus, $175]

Saint Laurent x Alo Yoga Star Yoga Blocks

Saint Laurent partnered with Alo Yoga on their most recent yoga line. The yoga blocks are subtly decorated with the signature Saint Laurent stars, and are built with the yoga expertise that Alo is known for.

[Saint Laurent, $220 for a pair]

PENT Sienna Skipping Rope

Leather rope with wood and stainless steel handles. Classic materials with super smooth wood in your choice of 3 types.

[PENT Fitness, $180]

Prada Water Bottle

This gold water bottle from Prada is one of their most affordable pieces in their active collection. With yoga mats costing over $2,000 and 1 kg dumbbells over $3,000, the water bottles are meant to be in reach for more people. It will look like you’re drinking from solid gold when using this water bottle. Also available in black and silver.

[Prada, $180]

Addition Studio Marble Dumbbells

Gorgeous marble dumbbells are a way to bring some architecture into your workout space. Each dumbbell is unique, carved from natural stone, so there may be variations in the coloring. They are offered in Beige Travertine and Black Marble. They are only offered in one weight: 1 kg.

[Addition Studio, $220 for a pair]


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