Whole30 Week 3 in Review: What I Ate, and How I Felt

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Raw beef with pepper and salt

In my third week of Whole30, I:

  • Realized my joints are not as inflamed
  • Have significantly less pain in my neck (residual from a herniated disc)
  • Successfully stopped myself from sticking my face into a cake and eating all of it (like I wanted)
  • Realized that my acne has improved

The question I get asked the most is, “Do you have more energy?”The answer is honestly no.  I don’t have more energy, and I’m more irritable.  My sleep hasn’t really improved at all.  I’m not more ready to go to bed at night or ready to wake up in the morning.

By the end of Whole30 week 3, it hasn’t changed my life.  I don’t really feel interested in trying this again.  What I’m looking forward to the most is the reintroduction period and seeing how the different foods impact my overall well being.

Week 3 Total Calories: 11,788; Carbs: 755g (25%); Fat: 550g (41%); Protein: 1,002g (33%)
Week 3 Average Calories/Day: 1,684
Week 3 Calories Burned: 13,719
Week 3 Calorie Surplus/(Deficit): (1,931)

Day 15: Jan 16, 2018


  • Breakfast: Beef sweet potato hash
    Calories: 783; Carbs: 64g (33%); 24g (28%); Protein: 75g (39%)
  • Lunch: Buffalo chicken with cumin carrot salad (Territory Foods)
    Calories: 733; Carbs: 26g (14%); Fat: 52g (65%); Protein: 37g (21%)
  • Dinner: Chimichurri Steak with Roasted Garlic Yuca & Sauteed Mushrooms (Territory Foods)
    Calories: 570; Carbs: 44g (30%); Fat: 27g (41%); Protein: 43g (29%)
  • Evening Snack: Cashews, pear, and frozen cherries
    Calories: 274; Carbs: 48g (67%); Fat: 8g (25%); Protein: 6g (8%)

Total Calories: 2,360; Carbs: 182g (31%); Fat: 111g (42%); Protein: 161g (27%)


  • 7am: Solidcore

Calories burned: 2,112

Day 16: Jan 17, 2018


  • Breakfast: Beef sweet potato hash
    Calories: 783; Carbs: 64g (33%); 24g (28%); Protein: 75g (39%)
  • Lunch: Shredded Beef “Ropas Viejas” W/ Dirty Cauliflower Rice and Garlic Broccoli (Territory Foods)
    Calories: 441; Carbs: 27g (23%); Fat: 25g (48%); Protein: 33g (28%)
  • Afternoon Snack: Dried bananas and apple raspberry fruit leather
    Calories: 75; Carbs: 14g (76%); Fat: 2g (24%); Protein: 0g (0%)
  • Dinner: Lemon thyme roasted chicken with onions, carrots, and kale
    Calories: 596; Carbs: 49g (30%); Fat: 21g (29%); Protein: 65g (40%)
  • Evening Snack: Pear
    Calories: 80; Carbs: 21g (95%); Fat: 0g (0%); Protein: 1g (5%)

Total Calories: 1,975; Carbs: 175g (38%); Fat: 72g (23%); Protein: 174g (38%)


  • None

Calories burned: 1,803

Day 17: Jan 18, 2018

I went to a dog’s 4th birthday party tonight, and honestly had the hardest time saying “no” to anything I’ve encountered while one Whole30.  There was a sheet cake from Costco that had ALLLLL the frosting, and I wanted to taste it so badly.  I decided that I would be getting a sheet cake to celebrate the end of Whole30.  It’s happening.


  • Breakfast: Beef sweet potato hash
    Calories: 783; Carbs: 64g (33%); 24g (28%); Protein: 75g (39%)
  • Lunch: Chicken Tikka Masala with Roasted Squash & Minted Cucumber Salad (Territory Foods)
    Calories: 369; Carbs: 12g (13%); Fat: 14g (35%); Protein: 46g (51%)
  • Dinner: None
  • Evening Snack: Grazing on guac, carrots, celery, shrimp, and salsa
    Calories: 421; Carbs: 54g (45%); Fat: 20g (38%); Protein: 21g (18%)

Total Calories: 1,573; Carbs: 130g (32%); Fat: 58g (32%); Protein: 142g (35%)


  • 7am Solidcore

Calories burned: 2,181

Day 18: Jan 19, 2018

I tried to do BBG week 13 abs as part of the 12-week Sweat challenge.  I recorded myself doing it, and realized that my neck just cannot do the weighted jackknifes and toe touches that it tells me to do.  After doing one set of each, I had to stop.  My neck started bothering me a couple hours later, which is really unfortunate.


  • Breakfast: Beef sweet potato hash
    Calories: 783; Carbs: 64g (33%); 24g (28%); Protein: 75g (39%)
  • Lunch: Arrabiata Sausage & Peppers (Territory Foods)
    Calories: 462; Carbs: 23g (19%); Fat: 33g (62%); Protein: 22g (18%)
  • Afternoon Snacks: Cashews
    Calories: 160; Carbs: 8g (19%); Fat: 13g (69%); Protein: 5g (12%)
  • Dinner: Taco soup
    Calories: 557; Carbs: 13g (9%); Fat: 33g (54%); Protein: 51g (37%)

Total Calories: 1,962; Carbs: 108g (22%); Fat: 103g (47%); Protein: 153g (31%)


  • None

Calories burned: 1,901

Spicy lamb meatball salad bowl from Cava

Day 19: Jan 20, 2018

My workout today was disappointing.  I couldn’t stay in moves as long as normal, which was a bummer.  My calorie intake has been pretty low, which I think is a big culprit.  I thought would have increased more by the third week of Whole30 as I got more used to the diet, but that hasn’t been the case.


  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
    Calories: 560; Carbs: 5g (3%); Fat: 40g (63%); Protein: 48g (34%)
  • Lunch: None
  • Dinner: Spicy lamb meatball and super greens bowl
    Calories: 530; Carbs: 19g (15%); Fat: 37g (65%); Protein: 26g (20%)
  • Evening Snacks: Sashimi and crudite
    Calories: 232; Carbs: 6g (9%); Fat: 9g (32%); Protein: 37g (58%)

Total Calories: 1,322 Carbs: 30g (9%); Fat: 86g (58%); Protein: 111g (33%)


  • 10am Solidcore

Calories burned: 1,894

Day 20: Jan 21, 2018

Woke up with a migraine, but it passed very quickly without taking any medicine.  I didn’t have a great workout again today.  Luckily, tomorrow is a rest day.


  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
    Calories: 350; Carbs: 3g (11%); Fat: 25g (75%); Protein: 30g (15%)
  • Lunch: None
  • Afternoon Snacks: Cashews and frozen papaya
    Calories: 350; Carbs: 26g (54%); Fat: 8g (38%); Protein: 4g (38%)
  • Dinner: Beef machaca and cauliflower rice
    Calories: 609; Carbs: 35g (22%); Fat: 24g (34%); Protein: 71g (44%)
  • Evening snack: Frozen peaches
    Calories: 60; Carbs: 13g (100%); Fat: 0g (0%); Protein: 0g (0%)

Total Calories: 1,205; Carbs: 77g (25%); Fat: 57g (41%); Protein: 105g (34%)


  • 10am Solidcore Arms and Abs

Calories burned: 1,839

Day 21: Jan 22, 2018


  • Breakfast: Beef machaca with poached eggs
    Calories: 587: Carbs: 15g (10%); Fat: 29g (44%); Protein: 69g (46%)
  • Lunch: Pistachio Crusted Tuna Cakes W/ Fennel Apple Slaw (Territory Foods)
    Calories: 357: Carbs: 24g (27%); Fat: 15g (38%); Protein: 30g (34%)
  • Dinner: Beef machaca
    Calories: 447; Carbs: 14g (12%); Fat: 19g (38%); Protein: 57g (50%)

Total Calories: 1,391; Carbs: 53g (15%); Fat: 63g (40%); Protein: 156g (44%)


  • None

Calories burned: 1,989


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