PWR 2.0 Progress: What I Learned

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PWR 2.0 Progress

My progress isn’t as visible as other people’s. These aren’t transformation pictures that go viral.

I wasn’t consistent during this time. I didn’t hit the gym every week, let alone every day. I had a whole month of zero exercise.

But many times, I decided to try again. Finally, one time stuck.

I didn’t beat myself up and guilt myself into it, I accepted what I needed to do to move towards my goals, and I picked up where I left off.

Some of those times were hard, because I lost my strength. I was almost starting over. But the strength came back quickly. Muscle memory kicked in, and I built it back much faster than it took to build the strength initially.

If you find yourself taking a pause (whether a week or a month or a year or a decade), don’t beat yourself up. Your priorities changed. They can change again—you can shift your priorities back to being active.

I could talk about numbers and stats, and some of them I’m really proud of: I gained 4.4 lbs of muscle with PWR 2.0, and I set a PR of 175 lbs for hip thrusts. However, I think the most important result for PWR 2.0 is this: being resilient and not being afraid to pick myself back up time and time again. It took me 24 weeks to finish the 12 weeks of PWR 2.0, but I did it.


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