2019 Goal Setting & 2018 Goals Review

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Goal setting can be scary. When you set a goal, there’s always the fear that you won’t be able to achieve it. Sometimes, it can be hard to handle the letdown of not achieving your goals, but it does let you reassess what is truly important to you in your life. We spend time on our priorities. Chances are, if the goal wasn’t able to be accomplished, it either wasn’t truly a priority or the goal set wasn’t realistically attainable. I always think you need to review your last set of goals to know what’s really realistic for you to accomplish in the next year.

2018 Review

I set a good number of goals for myself in 2018. Some I completed, and some I did not.

In 2018, wellness just wasn’t my priority. I had set goals to exercise regularly, become more flexible, maintain my fitstagram more, and complete Whole30. Out of all of those goals, the only one that I completed successfully was Whole30. I’m proud that I did that, and I’m okay with not having achieved my other wellness goals.

Instead, I focused a lot of my energy on accomplishing my professional and financial goals. I saved $1,000 per month in the bank, had central air conditioning installed in my home (believe me, DC summers are not fun with window units), received my Salesforce Administrator certification, increased my technical skills by going to Python classes and refreshing my VBA knowledge, and got promoted. These are all things that either help me in my career progression, or helped my financial standing. There was one that I did not accomplish: going to one networking event a month.

2019 Goals

In 2019, I think I have been forced to focus more on wellness—I feel like utter crap and keep getting more and more injured (hello broken sesamoid bone in my foot and herniated disc in my neck). I’ve tried to make my goals SMART, but it can be a bit difficult to define things like “feel healthier.” SMART is a mnemonic device to help you flesh out a complete goal. Your goals should be:

  • Specific: Define, in clear terms, your desired outcome
  • Measurable: Make sure you include metrics in order to define success
  • Achievable: Your goal should be realistic, and while it should require work, it’s something you can complete
  • Relevant: You need to care about what you’re doing in order to be successful
  • Time-Bound: Set the time frame in which you will achieve your goal

Using this framework helps because it defines what conditions will be met in order to cross it off your list. There are always roadblocks thrown in your way by life, and goal setting needs to be iterative. But, starting out with a solid foundation and being able to connect your goals to your overarching life goals (wellness, financial security, relationships, and whatever else motivates you) will help you feel fulfilled.

Without further ado, I present my goals for 2019!

Feel healthier and stronger

I want to have an overall healthy, energized feeling, while improving my strength and flexibility. When I feel unhealthy, I do less and I physically hurt. I want to prevent more injuries and heal the injuries I have. I will achieve this by stretching every day so I can eventually do a forward fold at a 90 degree angle, and by working out at least twice a week to improve my strength and cardio health.

Improve my time management

I want to stop getting distracted as frequently, and break the habit of starting projects without finishing them. I waste a lot of my time with distractions, such as TV, surfing the internet aimlessly, or reading the news to an unnecessary depth. My goal is to build habits that will enable me to do more with my time. To improve on this, I will be filling out my Top Down Planner every week, use the Emergent Task Timer to track distractions, and try the Pomodoro Method.

Keep Moore Balanced active and determine branding

This is the one I feel most embarrassed to share, because it sounds like I’m trying to be internet famous. I’m not. My goals are to be able to develop my voice, be more comfortable talking about myself, get writing practice (which will hopefully lead to better public speaking), and have this help me stay on track with my fitness and health goals. I also want to feel like I built something. I will do this by writing a blog post once a month, posting on Instagram once a week, and posting to my Instagram story twice a week.

Obtain 25 Salesforce certifications in two years

I want to earn administrator, specialist, consultant, developer, and architect certifications offered by Salesforce. I realize this is quite a stretch goal, but the methods from SFDC99’s study guides inspired me. Achieving this will allow me to be qualified for more jobs, be attractive to consulting practices looking to increase their partner level, and start an independent consulting firm if I want to in the future. I will achieve this by dedicating 8 hours a week to studying. By the end of January, my next certification exam will be scheduled.

Complete genealogical documentation for six generations

This might seem like a hobby of an 80-year-old woman, but I love genealogy. I have set goals around my research. Based on data in Ancestry and my personal archives, input all documents, photos, and facts for the last six generations of my ancestors and all of their descendants into my personal genealogy system. This will help me determine what documentation is missing. It might sound strange, but doing genealogical research and organization relaxes me. If I decide to join Daughters of the American Revolution (I have about 16 ancestors that would qualify), I would have my documentations sorted.

Continue to save $1,000 per month

In addition to my 401(k) contributions, I want to continue to add $1,000 per month to my savings. I want to get new windows for my house, and also be in a good position to invest once the next recession fully hits. I don’t believe we are in one now, but I also think that we will be in one 6-9 months from now and want to be prepared.

What are your goals for this year? What did you accomplish last year?


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