Bikini Body Guide No More! BBG Thankfully Rebrands to High Intensity with Kayla

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Kayla Itsines built her empire on her BBG programs. But with the name Bikini Body Guide, it’s always been a bit embarrassing to explain what it is.

Picture this: you work for a financial institution, which is more formal than a lot of workplaces. You’re doing the BBG program at your work gym with other women co-workers. Naturally, other people see you working out, and they strike up friendly conversations.

Dude You Work With: "Oh I saw you in the gym, are you all working out together?"
You: "Yeah we're trying to stay accountable to each other"
Dude You Work With: "Oh that's great! What program are you doing?"
You, Internally: Danger zone...
You, Out Loud: "Yeah we're all doing BBG together, it's hard!"
Dude You Work With: "I haven't heard of that, what's that stand for?"
You, Internally: Fuck.
You, Out Loud: "Bikini Body Guide..."
Dude You Work With (giving a look): "Oh, okay..."
You both hurry away.

I don’t want my co-workers thinking about my body. I don’t want to bring my body up in conversations at work.

Kayla had given a hint at a DC Sweat Meetup that there were changes to language coming up, and I had guessed this would be it. It makes sense. This change to High Intensity with Kayla will save people from having these types of conversations when offices and their gyms re-open.

But beyond that, fitness and how its portrayed has shifted from what people look like to what people can do. The name “represents a really outdated view of health and fitness,” according to Kayla, and I completely agree. While physical results are always there and always important drivers for most people, embracing the journey and having non-aesthetic goals has become the key to success for many.

The community behind BBG isn’t going anywhere, but as Kayla said, “the way that we speak to women is really important.” I agree.


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