Home Gym Picks: Cheap equipment I’ve added this month (September 2022)

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This month, I decided to stop waiting for the perfect moment to start building my home gym. I’ve been stopping myself from getting any new equipment, because I’ve only wanted to perfect equipment. Realizing this is holding be back (and hating my new gym), I decided to buy cheap equipment for now while I save up and decide what I want my home gym to truly look like.

This is equipment that I’ve bought myself this month and am using.

Prices as of 9/11/2022. I review products independently, but I may earn affiliate commissions from buying through links on this page.

Cheap Squat Rack: Only $110!

I was skeptical of a squat rack for $110, but the reviews were great and CAP is a brand I’ve heard good things about. It’s been steady so far (steadier with weights on the weight holder), and I have felt safe using it. Putting it together is a pain, and the instructions are not clear. I ended up putting the bars on backwards, so I can’t use a couple of the holes, and the lack of weight storage is annoying. Otherwise, though, it’s been great, and I love the red color instead of the boring black or gray/silver. It’s pretty compact and isn’t as imposing in the room as a full on power cage. For a cheap squat rack, you can’t beat the CAP FM-905Q for $110.

Safety Spotter Arms for $32

These spotter arms are specifically made for the CAP FM-905Q. Since the squat rack didn’t come with them, this was a must get for me. They also come in red to match the rest of the rack, but I bought them in black because they were cheaper at the time and would still align with the other black parts of the rack. They are stable and easy to user, and I’ve been happy with them

Low Cost Bench (that holds up to 800 lbs) for $149

I don’t love this bench, but I wanted a bench that would be a flat, incline, and decline bench in one, and have a high capacity for hip thrusts. The price was attractive, it was narrow enough for my smaller back when doing bench press, and had a weight capacity of up to 800 lbs. When I got it, I also discovered it had wheels and could be folded up for storage–added bonuses! It’s a little taller than I would like, and adjusting the seat for incline makes it so I can’t touch the ground, but it’s worked so far.

Horse Stall Mats to Protect My Floors (and wallet) for $55

Flooring options for home gyms can get expensive quickly. These horse stall mats from Tractor Supply Co were more than half the cost of anything on Amazon. Yes, I had to drive an hour away to get them, and yes, they are heavy, but it’s definitely worth the savings! These are 4’x6′ and 3/4″ thick; I needed two for my squat rack, and will be getting more to cover the full floor of the gym later on!


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