Ultimate Gift Guide for Beginner Yoga Under $25 for 2022

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Ultimate Beginner Yoga Gift Guide Under $25

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who is just starting yoga? This gift guide for yoga beginners has 4 essentials that every yogi needs, all under $25!

Prices as of 11/20/2022. I review products independently, but I may earn affiliate commissions from buying through links on this page.

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Gaiam Essentials Yoga Mat & Carrying Sling

A staple for all types of yoga practice, a yoga mat will help your favorite yogi grip the floor and stay connected to the ground. It will also give some light cushioning against the ground. This is a standard option available in some pretty jewel tones. [$15 on Amazon]

Reehut Yoga Blocks

$15 on Amazon for two

Yoga blocks are a major help for all, from beginners to experts! They can help provide support when the hands can’t touch the floor during a revolved triangle, encourage muscle activations when learning chair pose, and provide a solid seat to sit in sukhasana pose. I got these blocks around 5 years ago, and they’ve held up well since! [$15 for two blocks on Amazon]

OTP Strap

I would choose the OTP strap over a traditional yoga strap any day for those new to yoga. Unlike a traditional yoga strap, it have loops built in so you can easily slip the feet or hands into them, and it gives great leverage for a good grip. I also find it much more comfortable to use than a regular yoga strap. For instance, in a seated forward fold, it keeps my feet separated instead of squishing them together. [$16 on Amazon]

Yoga Blanket

$21 on Amazon

Yoga blankets aren’t necessary. Any blanket lying around can be used. But, if you’re looking to get someone a gift, something that they don’t strictly need is a great gift. The ideal yoga blanket is solid and not too fluffy so it can be folded up for support in various poses. Mexican falsa blankets are great options that tick all of these boxes. [$21.50 on Amazon]


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