9 Gratitude Journal Prompts to Feel Good About Your Body

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9 Journal Prompts to Feel Good About Your Body

Our relationships with our bodies can be tricky. Everyone wants to love the skin they’re in, but we aren’t always overflowing with unending love for our bodies. The way we look, the physical limitations we have, and our past experiences can stop us from feeling good about our bodies all the time.

Luckily, gratitude journaling about our bodies has been shown to improve our overall attitude towards our bodies. In a 2018 study, researchers found that regardless of whether people wrote about their health, physical appearance, or body functionality, the result was an improved body image. Participants who wrote for about five minutes about aspects of their body they are grateful for were happier with their appearance, had higher body satisfaction, and lower internalized weight bias afterwards.

Scientifically-Proven Body Gratitude Prompt

Think about aspects of your body that you are grateful for. This can be anything, including your health, physical appearance, or the functionality of your body. Try to come up with at least five things. Take a minute and really think about those things, picturing them in your mind. Once you have finished thinking about these things, choose at least three of them and write about why you are grateful for those things.

Dunaev, J., Markey, C. H., & Brochu, P. M. (2018). An attitude of gratitude: The effects of body-focused gratitude on weight bias internalization and body image. Body Image, 25, 10–11

9 More Gratitude Journal Prompts to Feel Good About Your Body

What is your favorite form of self care that helps your body feel good?

Write a thank you letter to your body from 5 years ago, explaining how it helped you.

How has your body helped you accomplish a goal?

What is one amazing thing your body has done today?

What is your favorite thing about your body?

Thank your body for 5 things it has done for you.

What do you appreciate about your body and why?

What has your body allowed you to do?

What are 5 features of your body that you are most negative about? Write a reason you’re thankful for each.


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