PWR 2.0 Progress

PWR 2.0 Progress: What I Learned

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My progress isn’t as visible as other people’s. These aren’t transformation pictures that go viral. I wasn’t consistent during this time. I didn’t hit the gym every week, let alone

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My Extended Whole30 Reintroduction

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With Whole30, my reintroduction phase was what I was most excited for.  It also is what made me see the value of Whole30.  By the time day 30 of Whole30 hit, I wasn’t feeling that Whole30 had really benefited me, and I was frustrated that I didn’t feel big changes. My extended Whole30 reintroduction period allowed me to see the value by figuring out what my body liked and didn’t like.  By having those additional days after reintroducing foods, it made me see the difference in how I felt when eating certain foods versus being on Whole30.

Being positive has become a new form of moral correctness

The Pitfalls of Positivity

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When I listened to Susan David’s recent TED talk, The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage (below), it really spoke to me. One thing I love about the online fitness community is how positive everyone is. Everyone is supportive of one another’s goals, encouraging when someone hits a roadblock, and always positive. But, there’s also a good amount of false positivity, where some people don’t believe it’s helpful to be sad, or angry, or have any non-positive thoughts. Dr. David refers to this kind of positivity as “a new form of moral correctness.” She’s absolutely right, and it’s absurd.

Whole30 Moroccan Chicken Salad

Whole30 Week 4 in Review: So Glad It’s Over

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I’m officially done with Whole30!  These are words I never thought I would say, both before I attempted Whole30 and while I was doing it. Of course, it’s not really over because I still have the re-introduction period, but I finished those 30 days of eating clean (and limited) foods.  I plan on writing more in depth about it later, but here’s the skinny.

Do I feel that it was worth it?