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My Extended Whole30 Reintroduction

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With Whole30, my reintroduction phase was what I was most excited for.  It also is what made me see the value of Whole30.  By the time day 30 of Whole30 hit, I wasn’t feeling that Whole30 had really benefited me, and I was frustrated that I didn’t feel big changes. My extended Whole30 reintroduction period allowed me to see the value by figuring out what my body liked and didn’t like.  By having those additional days after reintroducing foods, it made me see the difference in how I felt when eating certain foods versus being on Whole30.

Healthy Turkey Meatloaf with Thai seasoning

Healthy Thai Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

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This is my healthy turkey meatloaf, spiced with some Thai curry spices to give it a new twist.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not convinced that meatloaf needs a new twist–I love meatloaf!  It might be the stereotypical meal from the 1960s, but I’m still a fan of it today.  The problem is, it tends to be high in fat.  With this recipe, I wanted to make a dish that was low fat and something different than the standard meatloaf of my youth.  My healthy turkey meatloaf recipe was born.